change management in multicultural context

In the modern market economy, we have to deal with rapid change. They cover both the external environment of the organization (including ever-increasing competition, changing requirements and expectations of customers, technology development or mergers and acquisitions), as well as the interior of the same organization (internal restructuring, business development and management vision). In order to effectively support international companies on their way to make changes we have prepared a special training addressed to the change leaders, who are responsible for the implementation of the changes in the organization. Training will prepare them and will help in the process of change. Explain the specifics of the processes associated with implementing the change. The Leaders will learn how to systematically identify, plan and carry out changes in co-operation with colleagues, often with their massive opposition. In further the training shall enable them to learn the basic principles and methods of modification of the organization. The training will help them to indicate potential collaborators and likely response to the proposed change and learn how to eliminate the negative effects of initiating and making changes, including changes in reaction recipients.


The aim of the Training “Change Management in the Multicultural Context is to show how to make changes in the company and how to participate in the process of their implementation. Due to the theory of human behaviour any change involves two conflicting feelings: fear and hope, and the ratio of workers to changes can range from ardent support to overt hostility. This diversity of reaction is the reaction to the fact that the changes may involve both: the benefits and facilities, as well as nuisance, annoyance, inconvenience and loss. Therefore, based on the pre training audit, we agreed that the primary goal of the change management training will be the following factors:

  • Understanding the changes
  • Role of the leader and self-management in the change
  • Leading others through change
  • Communication in the process of implementation,
  • Organisation and conduct of meetings about the change implementation for the Polish-German team

In addition to the information above the main point is the motivation and inspiration to implement change, to show them the necessary skills and gain their “first” practical experience during training and team simulation…read more

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