leadership for women

From the beginning of times women took over leadership the form of which varied in every stage of human development. In patriarchy men seemed to have all the power and dominated the public world, leading was their exclusive domain. Only recently in human history women have come out to take over leadership in the outside world. As a matter of fact they ALWAYS were leading, mostly behind the scenes and often in manipulative ways, the most efficient form in which they could express their personal power.

Times are changing quickly since the 60ies when women stood up and openly claimed their right of a role in the outside world. Many women entered the rough masculine dominated world and had little choice: or become like MEN or give up. Now, half a century later women have become more self confident, they leave the masculine style of leading behind  and begin to explore their own way of being in the world, integrating what they have learnt in the masculine world, but pioneering their own way which gives value to the innate qualities and capacities of women.


In our workshop we bring together women of different generations and with different experiences in leading. We ask them about their story of leadership: What motivated them to enter into visibility, to stop imitating men and develop their own “thing”, what their experiments were, their style and why they are burning for the cause they bring forth by developing their leadership skills and what they were able to move so far.


How can I find more balance in my busy life, solve problems and manage conflicts? How can I improve my communication, better understand and relate more deeply to other people? How can I have a a good relationship with my voice and autonomy and be firmly rooted in my femininity without losing in a male-dominated business world? How can I make sense of all the issues facing our world? Why do I do the things that I do? Learning the Integral Approach can help you answer all of these questions and many more.

When we are in new territory it is good to have a map at hand to find our way. Integral approach is a kind of map and it seems to be one of the most comprehensive maps of human existence ever proposed in the course of human history.

Over the last 30 years, Ken Wilber has created the detailed outlines of such a map. What he generally calls Integral Theory has emerged as a truly 21st century world philosophy. Its core theoretical framework – called AQAL – integrates the fundamental truths of nearly every human endeavor – from science to spirituality and developmental studies to systems theory – into a cohesive and actionable model of human experience, understanding, and growth.

In our workshop we learn how the integral approach can be located in your direct experience and concern the way you make sense of your life and world. We work with an innovative world cafe methodology that enhances the capacity for collaborative thinking about critical issues. In this process, knowledge grows, a sense of the whole becomes real, and new possibilities become visible. The systemic structural constellation work that is linked to therapy, solution-oriented work, Satir sculpture work and systemic constellation, is also possible.



We would be happy to talk with you about your department or organization’s needs and possible solutions. Please us for further information about what the intercultural can do to assist you.

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