Institute for Global Integral Competence| März 2016 workshop at Integral Base in Diessen

IfGIC team met together to clarified the idea of “Cosmopolitan Communication” and how tis can be activated. Are we able to ship: forward by moving into the next phase of human communication: “cosmopolitan communication”. This kind of communication requires the development of a new level of awareness – global integral competence – which incorporates a more complete human and societal dimension of experience. Using a highly interactive format, students will look at this competence through for channels of understanding humankind, society and nature: body, mind, culture and system.


In the 21st century the university has a major responsibility for crea5ng spaces in which a cosmopolitan society can be prepared for the future. The goals of this cer5ficate course are:

  • –  students are encouraged to explore the contours of cosmopolitan iden5ty, and their implica5ons for ques5ons of social and personal iden5ty;
  • –  they can develop skills for ‘global perspec5ve-taking’ in the global poli5cal processes; and
  • –  students can prac5ce dialogical communica5on with an open awareness of the hermeneu5c circle in which members of a society move from an interpreta5on of the broader context of a perspec5ve to an interpreta5on of the detailed elements of the message.

If you are interesting in these questions, please come to IfGIC.

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